DDE products are backed by an accredited quality control to deliver maximum reliability and performance, and are designed to withstand the challenges of most demanding environment. We work continually to develop the next generation of technology, refining our products to ensure our client’s systems are updated and operating at peak performance at all times. DDE designs, manufactures and supplies the following range of instrumentation:

Where do we fit in?

Our Products are used on all steps of Project Initial Planning, Construction, operation and Rehabilitation. The Instruments are used in Bridge, Buildings. Dams, Power Generation, Road, Tunnel and Atomic Power Plant.


Instrumentation Selection

We help our clients to select the best meters and gauges at our disposal to meet their specific requirements.



We provide on-site training to staff with real-time support till they are well-versed to use our tools and instrumentation.



All our instrumentation come with full on-site installation and training which is provided as part of the package.


Inspection & Troubleshooting

In the unlikely event of instruments not performing as required, we try to rectify the issues on site itself so precious time is saved.



Our instruments have both local and remote supervision provisions so they can be continuously monitored for optimum performance.


Modernization & Optimization

We also undertake upgradation and modernization of existing monitoring systems, adding new features to enhance its capabilities.

Excellent Track Record

We have successfully satisfied a list of clients by executing projects within a set time period and we are dedicated to serve the specific needs of businesses involved in construction. Data Digger Equipment is capable of providing custom engineered solution to site specific problem. When requested, in-depth technical support is provided and all related staff members are always available to work with clients until a solution is found to meet the project requirement.


What our esteemed clients have to say about their long and fruitful association with us in solving the most challenging tasks in treacherous environments with a single-minded, patient and persistent effort.

Working with DDE has been a pleasure and most challenges seemed like fun to tackle. Delivered work on time. Hats off.

- Jane Doe CEO - ABC Inc.

DDE has once again proved that hard work and dedication can go a long way in tackling obstacles. It's a learning experience for both of us.

- John Doe CEO - Prism Inc.

Our association with DDE has not only proved fruitful and mutually beneficial, but also fostered a deep bond for future technical collaborations.

- Janet Smith CEO - ABC Inc.