The DDETL is a readout unit for monitoring which can be used for all kind of vibrating wire gauge and transducers in all kind of weather conditions. The user friendly Data Logger provides the following: - • Continuous Monitoring and Data Logging for Six Individual Sensor.
• Data Retrieval by Mobile Phone and USB Drive.
• Easy operation.
• High accuracy and resolution.
• Big 3.2” TFT Display.
• Long Battery Back-up
• Data Storage Capacity till 1,00,00,000 Data or *5 Years.
• Very Portable to carry and Transport

Technical Specification

Resolution: Period 0.1 micro second Frequency 0.1Hz Digit (Freq) ² /1000
Memory Capacity: USB Type Flash Memory, up to 64GB
Display: 3.2” T.F.T Display
Time Base Accuracy ± 50 P.P.M
Temperature Range ±50˚ C
Battery 12V, 7Ah
Power Back Up 100 Hours
Sensors Vibrating Wire Type
Communication U.S.B Communication

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